ONTO Introduction
The first truly decentralized cross-chain wallet, ONTO is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets.
ONTO is the first truly decentralized cross-chain wallet that allows users to manage their digital identities, data, and digital assets. It integrates various functions such as identity and credit, digital assets and NFTs, financial lending, cross-chain swap, news push, and various practical dApps, as well as supporting multiple mainstream public chains and their diversified digital assets.
ONTO helps users create a decentralized digital identity, which is built on the Ontology blockchain and which fully protects their privacy data through an encryption algorithm. Aiming to provide a safe and convenient one-stop service for users worldwide, ONTO Wallet is designed for mobile, with the ONTO Web Wallet also available for desktop. Download via: onto.app or search “ONTO Web” at Chrome Web Store.
Last modified 9mo ago
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