Download ONTO App and Create ONT ID Wallet

Download and Install ONTO App

Go to and scroll down to the bottom for download options.
    iOS Users: Download ONTO via Apple Store.
    Android Users: Download ONTO via Google Play store or APK

Create Your ONT ID Wallet

    Open ONTO App
    Tap on "Create wallet" button
    Set a wallet name and password, and tap on "Confirm" button to open "Add Wallet" page
Please note that wallet name should be kept within 20 standard characters, and password should be 8-15 characters. Neither wallet name nor password can contain a blank space.
Please remember your password.
    On "Add Wallet" page, check pictures to add wallets of different chains (Ethereum and Ontology wallet are checked by default)
    Tap on "Confirm" button to finish the process

Back up Mnemonic Phrase

    After you’ve successfully created your ONT ID wallet, you can tap on “Back up now” button to back up your mnemonic phrase. (You can also tap on “Back up later” button to back up at a time that is more convenient for you.)
    Tap on "Next" button
    Write down or copy the 12 words in order and keep them in a safe place, then tap on "Next" button
Please make sure you back up the mnemonic phrase in a safe environment. Anyone with your mnemonic phrase can access your assets.
    On "Verify mnemonic phrase" page, tap each word in the correct order, then tap on "Next" button
    If the order is correct, “Backup successfully” will be shown on the page

Use your ONTO

Manage your ONT ID wallet: import, export, switch, backup
Manage assets: add, receive and send assets
Interact with DApps: exchanges, DeFi, tools, games, NFT
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