ForTube Guide
Reminder: Operations require transaction BNB as gas fee. Please prepare BNB as fees in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download ONTO Wallet and Create BSC Wallet

Sending and Receiving Binance Smart Chain Assets

Manually add ONT(BEP_20) on the Asset page

    Click "+" on the Asset page
    Search ONT(BEP_20)
    Click "+" to add it on the Asset page
ONTO & ForTube event need to use the ONT (BEP_20) on the Binance Smart Chain, which can be obtained in the following three ways;
1) If you have BSC assets, you can swap ONT through DEX such as ApeSwap/Wault Finance to participate in the event
2) users can select the BEP_20 withdrawal network through Binance Exchange, and send ONT (BEP_20) to the corresponding receiving address in ONTO.
3) If you have ONT on the Ontology, the Binance Bridge can be used in ONTO to cross-chain the ONT on the Ontology to the Binance Smart Chain.
Video tutorial link:

Open ForTube(BSC)

    Click on the "Discover" Page
    Search ForTube(BSC)
    Click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Connect wallet

    Click "LANUCH APP"
    Click "Connect", and then complete the signature

Deposit assets on ForTube (Take ONT as an example)

    Click on the search bar, enter "ONT"
    In Asset Information, you can view the detailed maximum LTV and liquidation threshold of ONT
    Enter the amount of assets to be deposited, click "Approve", and then enter the password to complete the authorization (only required for the first time)
    Click "Deposit"-"Confirm Deposit" and enter the password to complete. After completion, you can view the updated details in "My Account"
1) If you need to redeem assets, click "Withdraw" and enter the amount, then enter the password to redeem assets and earnings at the same time
2) If you need to view the earnings, click "Dashboard" and check the "Accumulated earnings"

Borrow assets on ForTube (Taking ONT as an example)

    Before borrowing assets, other assets must be deposited as collateral, and the amount of assets that can be borrowed depends on the amount of assets deposited and the maximum LTV (Due to the price fluctuations between the collateral assets and the borrowed assets will trigger liquidation , So it is recommended to deposit stablecoins as collateral)
    After depositing assets, search for ONT to enter
    Click "Withdraw" and enter the amount of assets to be borrowed
    Click "Withdraw"-"Confirm Withdraw", enter the password to borrow the asset
    If you need to repay the loaned assets and the interest, click "Deposit"
    Click "Repay All" or fill in the required repayment amount, then click "Deposit"
    Click "Confirm Deposit" and enter the password to repay the assets
1) If the user deposits the loaned assets and the deposited amount is greater than the loaned amount, the system will automatically repay the debt first and deposit the remaining part.
2) If you need to view the interest, click "Dashboard" and check the "Accumulated Interest"
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