ONTO Cross-chain Aggregated Swap Guide
ONTO's native cross-chain aggregated swap enables users to exchange assets on multiple chains in one click. Users can find and access this function in the "Market" page of ONTO App.
The cross-chain assets swap is supported on Ontology / Ethereum / Binance Smart Chain, which is powered by Poly Network; While the aggregated swap among the same chain assets is supported on Ontology / Ethereum / Binance Smart Chain, which is powered by Open Ocean.
[Cross-chain assets swap]
Step 1: Click on the “Market” tab to access the Swap function, click on “Select Token” to choose a trading pair.
Take the ETH/PETH trading pair as an example. Select ETH and PETH from the token list.
Please note that the small icon in the lower right corner of the token indicates its blockchain. ERC-20 tokens are marked with ETH icon, OEP-4 tokens are marked with ONT icon, NEP-5 tokens are marked with NEO icon, and BEP-20 tokens are marked with BSC icon.
Step 2: input the token amount. The users who swap ETH or ERC-20 tokens for the first time should click on the “Approve” button to get approved on the Ethereum Network and then input the wallet password.
Step 3: After successful approval, click on the “Swap” button.
Step 4: Check and reset the transaction fee if necessary. Click on the “Confirm” button and enter the wallet password.
Step 5:As the Ethereum network sometimes congests, it may take some time before the transaction is settled. Click on the three dots on the upper right corner to check the transaction details and transaction history.
[Same chain asset swap]
The overall flow of the same chain asset swap is basically the same as that of the cross-chain asset swap. The difference is transaction fee for same-chain asset swap consumes the native token on the specific chain. For example, ETH is charged for the asset swap on Ethereum, ONG is for the asset swap on the Ontology, and BNB (BSC) is for the Binance Smart Chain.
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