Node Checkmark

Long term

This node has been in operation for more than 1 year.

Verified contact information

After the node filled in and submitted "Email to contact with Ontology" on "Node info" page under "Node Stake Mangement" tab in OWallet, the Ontology team sent verification email to the node and received effective response.
Meanwhile, at least one of the Telegram or Discord account of the node has also been verified.
The Ontology team will verify previously verified contact information again once in a while.

Stable fee sharing ratio

This node has not changed fee sharing ratio for at least 10 successive rounds. And the sum of the 2 fee sharing ratios with stakers is not less than 80%.
2 fee sharing ratios refer to:
  • The percentage of the ONG incentives from ONT staked by the node owner sharing with the stakers
  • The percentage of the ONG incentives from the ONT staked by the stakers sharing with the stakers
Statistical time: since round 157

Ontology Harbinger

This node is operated by an Ontology Harbinger. Ontology Harbingers are exceptional leaders that help Ontology continue to grow its community and ecosystem.
Learn What it Takes to Become the Next Ontology Harbinger:
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